Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

You can find tons of details for the game in our Resident Evil 2 Remake Review article. The story of the zombies, which is handled in almost all written and visual art forms, has become a part of our imagination. In the movies we watch, the novels we read or the games we play, there is always one question in our minds: “What would I do in a zombie invasion?” I’m sure you’ve all dreamt of heroic stories. Although we think of scenarios similar to the characters’ we witnessed, I have bad news for you; Most of us would probably be zombies in this big city…

There’s a city that looks like one of these cities, and it’s Racoon City. Racoon City is one of the most important locations of the Resident Evil world and is the main place of Resident Evil 2, although we cannot get around much in the streets. The city invites us to an adventure full of action and fear.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review / PC

Resident Evil 2 Remake is the improved version of RE2 that came out 21 years ago. We are witnessing the story of the characters such as Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The game tells the story of the zombie epidemic to reach global levels. In short, this crisis that erupted through the researches of the Umbrella company and the endless ambitions of people has stormed the streets of Racoon City.

Although Leon and Claire are the characters we’re familiar with, their story actually begins with this game. We see Claire as a young girl who came to see her brother Chris Redfield, and we saw Leon S. Kennedy as a rookie on his way to Racoon City. We are able to see this breathless adventure from two different angles of intersecting paths of these two characters at the beginning of the game.

By the way, I have another point to mention. Yes, Resident Evil 2 is a remake game, but the production team has managed to add some very nice details to the game. Both the beginning scenes of the game and some scenes that we know by heart are adorned with brand new details.

While this is a nostalgic perspective in the game, it also allows us to embrace innovations. Moreover, these innovations are not only in the plot but also in the gameplay.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

This similarity is seen in the character choices we make at the beginning of the game. Like the original, you can start the game by picking one of the characters. Let’s say this first parts as Leon A and Claire A. When you finish the game with one of these 2 characters, you unlock the other character’s B scenario.

So if you finish the story with Leon A, Claire’s scenario B become unlocked. In the same way, when you finish Claire A story, you get to play the scenario of Leon B. In this way, you are seeing the differences in one scenario while playing with Leon and Claire.

While playing Claire’s B scenario, you get to see where Claire is or what she is doing in the scenario of Leon A, and this situation allows you to look at things from a different point of view. This allows you to track events in a different way and encounter new characters and increase the gameplay time.

Let’s talk about the gameplay time and the difficulty modes. The game is really short if you only play a single scenario. It is possible to finish the game between 6 and 8 hours even by searching around and moving very slowly like me.

If you act a little faster, you may finish the game even in 5 hours or less. Additional scenarios or difficulity level would extend this time but if we take the overall average we can say that the game can be finished in 7 hours in a single scenario.

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When we look at the difficulty modes, we see 3 different categories. When you select the Assisted mode, the aim assist feature opens. So, when you target, there is an automatic lock-up to the zombies. If you choose this mode which you can easily describe as easy, your health slowly increases and you encounter more ineffective enemies.

We can call the standard mode as medium mode. In hardcore mode, things begin to change. When you select this mode, you can only save your progress by finding ink. These inks, called Ink Ribbon, are limited in number, which increases the tension of the game. So if you have not saved at all, you are likely to return to the beginning of the game if you die.

I must also say that more challenging enemies are waiting for you. I wish there was another difficulty level which we could find more ribbons to save. The reason why I’ve been talking about the difficulty modes for a long time is that there can be some unbalanced situations you can experience.

If you played the game demo, you should have noticed the imbalance of the zombies. This situation gets worse when you select the most difficult mode. 2 bites can kill you as it should but it can be unbearable at some point when there are some balance issues.

In both difficulty modes, there are some zombies you cannot kill even with a shotgun. And when you encounter some bugs and the ‘door problems’ in the game, it can be really frustrating. Sometimes zombies can get stuck in doors and no matter what you do, the zombie bites you as you try to get through. I should also remind you that you cannot intervene with the zombies from the door windows.

Of course, these problems do not mean that the zombies are not well done in the game. On the contrary, you will see the most beautiful (beautiful?) zombies in this game. I’m talking about zombies whose limbs are ruptured and ripped.

You are able to do so to the zombies by your gun or your knife and this increases the action level to the top. Your adrenaline really increases when you shoot the zombie with the last bullet you have desperately. Since the fear, blood and brutality in the game is too much, Resident Evil 2 has an age limit of 18.

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One of the most successful works in Resident Evil 2 is undoubtedly the atmosphere. You get the same feeling as you got while playing the original one. Misty and dark corridors, wind and rain through the windshield, blistering squeaks that you’ll hear on every corner… There are a lot of elements in the game that are similar to these to complete the atmosphere. I must say that both character voice-overs and sound effects are very well done. Especially the atmospheric sounds make you be on tenterhooks in every moment of the game.

Although Resident Evil 2 is a Remake, it is a game that is much more than a remake. I can even say that the game is a lesson to learn by developers who think about a remake of a game. In the sense of environment design, it is a game that tries to remain as faithful as possible to its original and in a graphical sense, it has a structure that has literally next-gen.

The atmospheric phenomena that I have just mentioned, have provided such good integrity with the graphics of the game, it makes you want to examine every corner and detail in the game. It would be such a pity to play the game by not paying attention to these details.

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In the end, Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the best and most enjoyable games we have seen recently. When you play the game, you feel exactly the same if you played the original one. You don’t even realize how you finished the game while you are striving against the desperation of the save system, old-style puzzles, and endless action.


In our Resident Evil 2 Remake review we took a broad look at the game’s features. In short, I can say that the game remained faithful to the original one but it is embellished with new technology, music, and animations. I hope this would affect the sales of the game. Because when you finish the game, there is only one game in your mind: Resident Evil 3 Remake, and there is only one voice in your ears: STARSSSSSS…

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