Resident Evil 2 Trophy List has revealed

The famous Japanese company Capcom will release its Resident Evil 2 remake this month. The Resident Evil 2 Remake release date is getting closer and we are still getting new information about it. Today the trophy list of the game has revealed.

Resident Evil 2 Trophy List has revealed

Resident Evil 2 will have 42 Trophies in total. You can get 1 Platinum, 4 Gold, 9 Silver and 28 Bronze Trophies.

Here is the full list of Resident Evil 2 trophies

  • Raccoon City Native – Obtain all trophies.
  • Welcome to the city of the Dead – Make it to the police station.
  • Path to the Goddess – Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.
  • Never-Ending Rain – Escape the police station.
  • Hack Complete – Complete Ada’s segment.
  • Hide and Seek – Complete Sherry’s segment.
  • A Great Need for a Shower – Escape from the sewers.
  • A Hero Emerges – Complete Leon’s story.
  • A Heroine Emerges – Complete Claire’s story.
  • Broken Umbrella – Witness the true ending.
  • The Basics of Survival – Combine two items together.
  • Hip to Add Squares – Increase your inventory slots.
  • Customizer – Customize a weapon.
  • Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gun – Defeat an enemy with a knife.
  • Eat This! – Counterattack with a sub-weapon.
  • That’ll Hold ‘Em – Use Wooden Boards to board up a window.
  • Vermin Extermination – Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.
  • A Vault-like Mind – Open a portable safe.
  • First Break-in – Open a dial safe.
  • Bon Appétit – Shoot the grenade you fed to an enemy.
  • Zombie Roundup – Kill 3 enemies at once with a sub-weapon.
  • Like Skeet Shooting – Shoot a zombie dog or a licker out of the air.
  • Keep Their Heads Ringin’ – Paralyze a licker’s sense of hearing.
  • Hats Off! – Shoot Tyrant’s hat off his head.
  • Gotcha! – Defeat Stage 2 G using the crane only once.
  • Treasure Hunter – Using the photo hints, find 2 hidden items.
  • A Waist of Space – Expand inventory slots to max.
  • One Slick Super-spy – Use only the EMF Visualizer to complete Ada’s gameplay segment.
  • Young Escape – Escape the bedroom within 60 seconds during Sherry’s segment.
  • With Time to Spare – Defeat Stage 4 G with 4+ minutes left until detonation.
  • In The Blink of an Eye – Defeat Super Tyrant with 5+ minutes left until detonation.
  • Lore Explorer – Read all of the files.
  • Complete Vermin Extermination – Destroy all Mr. Raccoons.
  • Master of Unlocking  -Open all of the safes and locks in the game.
  • Leon “S.” Kennedy – Complete Leon’s story on “Standard” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.
  • Sizzling Scarlet hero – Complete Claire’s story on “Standard” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.
  • Hardcore Rookie – Complete Leon’s story on “Hardcore” game mode.
  • Hardcore College Student – Complete Claire’s story on “Hardcore” game mode.
  • Frugalist – Complete the game without using a recovery item.
  • Minimalist – Clear the game without opening the item box.
  • A Small Carbon Footprint – Take 14000 steps or fewer in one playthrough.
  • Grim Reaper – Complete “The 4th Survivor” extra mode.

Resident Evil 2 remake launches on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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