RiME is free for a short time

24 May 2019 Friday
RiME is free for a short time
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

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RiME, devoloped by Tequila Works and released in 2017, has attracted attention especially with its atmosphere and its unique style. RiME is available for free at Epic Games Store for a short period of time.

RiME is free for a short time

According to the statement, RiME will be free of charge until 30 May at Epic Games Store. When we look at the normal price of the game in Epic Games Store and Steam, we see that $ 49. You can add the game to your library by Epic Games Store or by clicking here.

RiME offers a single player story mode, making it a combination of puzzles and adventure dynamics. Inspired by Team ICO games, we control a character who survives a huge storm and tries to solve the mystery on the island where he was dragged.