Riot Games might be working on a brand new MMO

17 Oct 2019 Thursday
Riot Games might be working on a brand new MMO
Berr Turan
Berr Turan Editor

League of Legends creators might extend the LoL universe soon with a surprise MMORPG

Yes, I know it is the 10th-anniversary of League of Legends, and you are sick of hearing about it, as it is the most talked gaming topic of the last 2 days. But hey, there is still hype around the celebration -so why not join in?

"Do you really think that we have revealed everything?"

The last 2 days have been a blast for both the fans and Riot Games, with the announcements made during the LoL's 10th-anniversary celebration event. From mobile LoL to a brand new fighting game, Riot dropped so many bombs on the industry in the blink of an eye. Although they’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback, Riot may still have a few tricks up their sleeves. I say this because, during the celebration event at London, Riot Games president Nicolo Laurent did a small panel. And during the panel, Nicolo gave a surprising answer when asked about a potential MMORPG. "Do you really think that we have revealed everything?"

I mean, I guess so because you guys even revealed an animated series. But guess not as Nicolo confirmed that there will be more announcements to come in the near future. This near-future might be 10 days, 2 months or even a year considering the amount of games that they’ve announced. Even if it’s far far away, fans are quite sure that it will be an MMORPG based in the League of Legends universe. It has been 2 years since Riot Games became a publisher to earn the “s” in their name. They even brought Greg Street, lead systems designer on World of Warcraft, to the company in recent years. Riot has also been hiring experienced MMO designers over the last 2 years, and they haven’t kept it a secret. Although they said that they haven’t been working on an MMO, it doesn’t prove anything as they’ve also said that they weren’t making any plans to release an auto-chess like title before the release of TFT. So it is best to keep an eye out for any updates from Riot Games, because we may never know when it will be an MMO announcement.