Rumor: Sony and Konami Working on Two Silent Hill Games

Silent Hill had been quiet for a long time. A new rumor has been created for the series, which has been revived with rumors and movie announcements that began in the past months. It looks like Silent Hill Reboot and Silent Hills Revival were being developed for the PS5.

In August 2014, behind the Silent Hills game, which came up with a playable trailer called P.T, there was the well-known game producer Hideo Kojima. Many players wondered how the story in this playable trailer would connect to the Silent Hill universe. Unfortunately, in the following periods, Kojima had to leave the project, which had great efforts, left the Konami, which holds the name rights of the series. Konami announced that Silent Hills was canceled after this separation. And the playable trailer scrapped P.T, making it almost inaccessible to anyone.

Rumor: Sony and Konami Working on Two Silent Hill Games

According to a rumor spread over the past weeks, the Silent Hill series was said to return with two different games. One of these games would be Telltale Games and an Until Dawn style story. The other is a classic horror game familiar to those who played the previous games of the series. Then Konami said, “At this point, we cannot share anything, but we listen to users’ feedback and consider ways to ensure the next game.”

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According to the new information, both games will reboot the Silent Hill series and restart the story cycle. The name of the game to be created with the familiar way of playing is probably thought to be only Silent Hill. As the developer of the game, Sony is said to be SIE Japan Studio. Keiichiro Toyama, who is also the author and director of the first game, Masahiro Ito, who designed the magnificent creatures of the first four games, and Akira Yamaoka, who composed the unforgettable music of the series, are also included in the team. Another leaked information was that the Project Siren Team will also take part in the game.

Rumors about Silent Hills, which was canceled in 2015

Another rumor is related to the Silent Hills game, which was canceled in 2015. According to the information, Sony was aware that despite the five years of cancellation, the players’ enthusiasm for Silent Hills continued. It was trying to clear the disagreements between Kojima Productions and Konami to bring the game back to life. If Konami and Kojima agreed to sit at the table again, the ideas to be created in Silent Hills would be an interactive experience. The name of the game is said to be Silent Hills Revival.

Finally, Konami has given the name rights of Silent Hill to Sony only for these two games. There is no official statement as to whether the games to be released will be Playstation 5’s exclusive games. Even if they are, Konami will bring the games to other platforms after their deal ends.

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