Sales figures of Playstation Classic is announced

Playstation Classic‘s Japan sales figures announced. PlayStation Classic, a 40 percent reduced version of Playstation 1, is sold with 20 games. The game was broken by hackers only after a short time after its release. The mini retro console Playstation Classic was released on December 3rd all over the world.

Sales figures of Playstation Classic is announced

According to a weekly report by Media Create, which follows Japan’s gaming and hardware sales, PS Classic has sold 120,000 units in Japan between December 3rd and December 9th. Comparing Nintendo’s retro console, NES Mini and SNES mini sold 260 thousand and 340 thousand units in the same period. It seems that Japanese players have not shown their interest in Nintedo‘s retro mini consoles to the PlayStation Classic. There were 20 games in the PlayStation Classic. These games are as follows;

* Battle Arena Toshinden

* Cool Boarders 2

* Destruction Derby

* Final Fantasy VII

* Grand Theft Auto

* Intelligent Qube

* Jumping Flash

* Metal Gear Solid

* Mr Driller

* Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

* Rayman

* Resident Evil Director’s Cut

* Revelations: Persona

* Ridge Racer Type 4

* Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

* Syphon Filter

* Tekken 3

* Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

* Twisted Metal

* Wild Arms

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