Is GTA 6 video on the way?

Rockstar Games’ Twitter account is currently awash. The mysterious video shared by the company a few minutes ago is seen as a GTA 6 video by many gamers.

Preparing for GTA 6 video

Although you can’t see any details when you watch the video, it is highly likely that it is telling about the colorful world of Grand Theft Auto. You can watch the video below.

When you say “Out”, “It’s coming out”, it’s like the GTA 6 video finally comes true. Rockstar Games just got us all excited with the video it shared on its Twitter account.

Although the video consisted of only color transitions, the account “I would play if my father came out of Rockstar” excited us all. The post received and continues to receive thousands of likes, comments and shares in less than a few minutes.

Is GTA 6 video released soon?

This sharing, which may be an answer to the GTA 6 videos that leaked from the company recently, may point to the promotional trailer of the game. For this reason, it is useful to follow the company’s Twitter account closely.

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