The first image of GTA 6 released months ago

It is claimed that the first image of GTA 6 has actually been in front of our eyes for months. Rockstar lifted the secrecy over GTA 6, which had been rumored for months (or even years), and officially announced Grand Theft Auto VI on February 4, 2022. Although it is not clear when the first GTA 6 video will be released, it is claimed that it will not be released this year.

First image of GTA 6 hidden inside GTA Trilogy

First noticed by a Twitter user on November 16, 2021, the image was placed on the Lil’Probe’Inn in GTA San Andreas. The house that appears in the picture with the “UFO” images does not appear in any game in the GTA Trilogy. It was claimed that this could be the first clue about GTA 6.

first image of GTA 6

Matheusvictorbr, one of the Twitter users who is famous for foretelling the developments about the GTA, used the following statements about the image:

“A few months later I confirmed that this image is from the new GTA game. This region added to the game probably shows a suburb in Hollywood, Florida.”

Of course, there is no official statement about this image. Rockstar is a studio that prefers to keep quiet about gossip.

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