Shadow Blade Will be Out on Nintendo Switch in Late March

The producer and publisher company Dead Mage has announced their action-platform game ”Shadow Blade” is coming for Nintendo Switch on 30th March. The game takes place in an ancient era where three ninja-samurai clans are clashing to dominate the world and take control of the mighty medallion. We control a ninja warrior called ”Kuro” and his only purpose is to restore balance and use his past teachings to decide the fate of the world. In Shadow Blade, players can use weapons like shuriken, katana and kusarigama to eliminate their enemies, and also Kuro’s agility and pace to escape from deadly traps and challenging levels. 

Shadow Blade Nintendo Swtich release date

The game was released on IOS, Android, Ouya in 2014 and got good reviews, also has an overall grade of 81 on Metacritic right now. And as a reminder, Shadow Blade was AppStore Editor’s Choice in the week of it’s first release. 

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