Someone make a clip for David Bowie – Space Oddity with Star Citizen FOIP feature

One of the most anticipated games of the decade, Star Citizen is still under Alpha test. Developers Cloud Imperium Games released Alpha 3.3 update for the Persistent Test Universe AKA PTU few days ago. Alpha 3.3 update was mainly focused on optimization for Star Citizen, as many of you already know that the game is hardly playable even in the high end systems. 

Star Citizen – Space Oddity

The new update brings Face and Voice over IP which let players reflect their facial expressions in game real time. So a YouTuber named “AShogunNamedDavid” used that feature to create a clip for the famous David Bowie song, Space Oddity. With the space atmosphere of Star Citizen, the video become a joy to watch. You can watch the clip from below:

Star Citizen Game Trailer Video

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