Songs Of Glimmerwick First Trailer Released

Songs Of Glimmerwick, the new game from Eastshade developers, was announced with its first trailer. This new game from Eastshade Studios has described itself as a story-driven RPG with farming simulation elements. In the trailer, the main character takes over a botanical garden with the help of his magical powers.

Songs Of Glimmerwick First Trailer Released

In Songs Of Glimmerwick you’ll have magical power-ups like creating a cloud to irrigate the crops or cast a hoe spell to work the land for you. With magic, your job of building the garden will become easier. Not many details have been shared at the moment, but for those who are interested, let’s also mention that the game’s Steam page has been activated.

Songs of Glimmerwick will be Released in 2023

On the Steam page, the game has been described as follows: “The land of Glimmerwick is well known for its university of magic – and as luck would have it, you’re already enrolled! In this woodland fantasy world playing music is the secret to casting spells. Ancient songs make garden work a breeze, and they’re also key to exploring every corner of the island. With your trusty flute and songbook at your side you’ll attend classes and join after school clubs, make friends with classmates and townsfolk, and uncover Glimmerwick’s many oddities and mysteries – all while enjoying a year of seasons, festivals, curses, and witchy hijinks in this peaceful, story-driven RPG.”.

The game is currently only announced for PC via Steam, but since the game’s release date has been announced as the autumn period of 2023, it will take a long time before we see the full version of the game. A console version of the game is also likely to be announced during this time.

You can watch the trailer below. Stay tuned, enjoy.

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