Sony registered a domain which contains PlayStation 5 Pro

The next generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and new Xbox) are on the way, there are lots of rumors about it. Of course, nothing is official right now, but Sony registered a domain and it seems we can get a PlayStation 5 Pro.

Source: Gamopress

Sony registered PlayStation5.Pro domain 

Sony registered 2 new domains recently, the new domains are and

playstation 5 5 1

Sony hasn’t announced PlayStation 5 yet. But as we know, Sony cancelled Sony Experience 2018 and stated that they won’t attend to E3 2019 for the first time of event history. Lots of players think that is a hint of upcoming console. But more importantly, people are curious about new consoles and they are wondering about there will be an enhanced version like PlayStation 4 Pro or not.

These domains can indicate a enhanced version of PlayStation 5, but it is possible to Sony registered those to protect abusing. What do you think about this situation? Will we get a PlayStation 5 Pro? What will it bring to us?

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