Sony Santa Monica is Looking For a Master of Storytelling

God of War developer Sony Santa Monica is looking for a writer for a new unannounced project. The studio, which has previously probably looked for employees for the same project, seems to have stepped up this effort. Currently developing God of War Ragnarök, the studio may come up with a surprising project.

Sony Santa Monica is looking for a master of storytelling for an unannounced project

Sony Santa Monica is looking for a master of storytelling for an unannounced project

The studio said in January that it was looking for an art director “for the development of a new unannounced title”. All eyes were on the possibility of the studio working on a second project with God of War. It currently has 33 vacancies and a number of top roles are focusing on the development of the “unannounced game”.

These include roles such as animation director, gameplay design director, senior game designer, chief game designer, senior narrative designer, chief vehicle programmer, and senior designer. There is a part in the job postings as follows:

“If you love collaborating with talented developers to create defining games, join us as we embark on a new journey.”

Sony Santa Monica Studio currently working on God of War Ragnarök, the sequel to God of War, which released exclusively for PS4 in 2018. The sequel was announced with a very short teaser last year, but there was no further information. All we know is that it will be released for PlayStation 5 in 2021. However, the developers from different studios are praising the game.

The Team Needs A Lead Writer

Hulst, former managing director of Horizon Zero Dawn studio Guerilla Games, said: “To see and hear the reaction to that tiny glimpse we unveiled at the PlayStation Showcase last September was very exciting.” He also added the following statements. “I can’t wait for people to see what Santa Monica is making.”

Also last November, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan refused to answer questions about whether God of War Ragnarök will be released for PS4 alongside the PS5. Santa Monica, which is a really important studio for both Sony and the game world, seems to contain big surprises. We’d better prepare ourselves for the surprises that will come after God of War Ragnarök. You can also state your opinions in the comments section.

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