Spider-Man Miles Morales is Officially on PS5

11 Jun 2020 Thursday
Spider-Man Miles Morales is Officially on PS5
Yağmur Yüksel
Yağmur Yüksel Editor

A new Spider-Man game Miles Morales is officially announced for PS5! Check the link for Further information and details!

Spider-Man games has always been excited for most of the gamers. Last game of the series is the proof that Sony PlayStation is really amazing. And continues to have its own exclusive which you cant play anywhere else.

Spider-Man is Officially on PS5

Now what is more amazing than Spider-Man is the new Spider-Man which will come to PlayStation 5. For know, we only know our Spider-Man's name: Miles Morales.

The game was announced at PS5 - The Future of the Gaming Show. With the trailer, we also saw some improved graphics and sound effects.

This is all we know for now for the new Spider-Man game. Stay tuned for the further information and trailer video!