Star Citizen has collected 200 million dollars since 2012

Star Citizen, which recorded the largest donation campaign, has collected more than 200 million dollars. Star Citizen has been collecting its budget since 2012 with a mass financing campaign. Recently, 2.1 million supporters funded 200 million dollars to Star Citizen.

Star Citizen has collected 200 million dollars since 2012

Star Citizen has an expansion pack with a price of $27,000. It is not surprising that the developer team has achieved a total of $200 million with the sales of this 27 thousand-dollar package. This shows that the game is approaching the production budget of Grand Theft Auto V, which is the most cost-effective game in recent years. Grand Theft Auto V had a production budget of $265 million. It is not known whether the game is successful or not, but we can easily say that Star Citizen has a highly successful marketing campaign. Thanks to mass funding promises, the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 personnel also rose to 475 employees in February this year. The campaign started in 2012 and collected 2.1 million supporters.

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