Superhot VR grossed over 2 million in a single week

SuperHot continues to be one of the favorite VR games of players in which allows you to hit enemies with bricks, toss their pistols in the air and kill them while 3 guys on a helicopter shooting at you. Superhot’s story is also a very interesting one. It is complex and full of surprises. You may want to play it. Director of special projects Callum Underwood boasted on Twitter: “SUPERHOT VR has grossed over 2 million dollars on all platforms in the past 7 days alone. Thank you, players!!”

Superhot VR grossed over 2 million in a single week

Those numbers include estimated PS VR sales because the proper sales numbers haven’t been released yet. However, Underwood is confident about the numbers. This result may be caused by the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx and VR headsets are top sale Christmas presents. Or it’s because Super Hot is a game which still everyone recommends.

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