The famous voice of the video game world has passed away

9 Jan 2019 Wednesday
The famous voice of the video game world has passed away
Günseli Özkan
Günseli Özkan Editor

The fans of the Civilization series are very upset.

Actor William Morgan Sheppard, who is one of the oldest and iconic voices of the video game world, died at the age of 86. The famous actor was popular especially for his voiceover in Civilization 5 and addressed to millions. Sheppard was in Medal of Honor Allied Assault too. This performance of Sheppard, who played the parts that gave the players information about the mission before the missions, was very much appreciated.

William Morgan Sheppard lost his life

If you've had a long time in Civilization 5, there's no way you can’t remember that sound. Personally, as a player who gave Civilization 5 dozens of hours, I was upset that William Morgan Sheppard died. William Morgan Sheppard, who also starred in such productions as Doctor Who and Star Trek, played Captain Witwicky in the Transformers film series. In 2017, he starred in the short drama series Designated Caretaker Redux. Firaxis Games team, which developed the Civilization series, is said to send a message to his family after the death of William Morgan Sheppard.