Jeanette Maus from RE Village Died at 39

Jeanette Maus, who appeared in video games from time to time in addition to his teaching and acting career, died at the age of 39. Lastly, she gave life to one of the witch sisters in the Dimitrescu mansion in the game Resident Evil Village.

Jeanette Maus from RE Village Died at 39

The voice-over performer and acting coach known for roles in video game Resident Evil 8: Village, and films such as Charm City Kings and Your Sister’s Sister. Jeanette’s partner Dusty Warren confirmed her death in his social media account.

She Fought So Hard

Her partner said: “It is with a shattered-yet grateful-heart that I inform you that Jeanette Maus passed away late last night due to complications of cancer.”. He continued: “I’m really sad, but I’m super proud of her. She fought so hard, with tremendous grace and optimism, inspiring myself and I’m sure many of you.”. Jeanette, had also crohn’s disease.

Capcom also issued a statement on their twitter account. They said: “We here at Capcom R&D 1 are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Jeanette Maus, the talented actress who helped bring several different characters, including our witches to the world in Resident Evil Village. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.”.

Jeanette Maus was also an acting teacher at John Rosenfeld Studios. The Studio announced her death in their Instagram post. They said: “Jeanette was truly an artist, and felt truly grateful to live as an artist. She had an indomitable spirit and was hungry to be the best person, the best teacher, the best friend and the best actor she could be. The world lost a force of nature and we will be feeling that for a long time. We are lucky to have known her, and she has touched all of us that knew her.”.

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