The first 20 minutes of The Outer Worlds released

The first 20 minutes of the new role-playing game The Outer Worlds, developed by the experienced and talented Obsidian team, is released. In the video published by IGN, we can see the introduction of the game. In addition to console platforms, the game will also be released on Epic Store and Microsoft Store. At the end of the year, it will be accessible via Steam. We can say that the introduction of the game is very similar to the videos that previously published. Obsidian, did not drop the quality of the graphics. Developers focused on the role-playing mechanics of The Outer Worlds more than better graphics.

The first 20 minutes of The Outer Worlds released

RPG enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the game. With its completely story-based structure, our choices and comrades will be extremely important for us at The Outer Worlds. Each of these comrades will have a different ability and will vary according to the task you are going to, how you want to move forward. The first 20 minutes of the game will be released on October 25th.

The Outer Worlds Game Trailer Video

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