Skate 4: Prepare Skateboards

We have compiled everything we know about Skate 4. This article gives you all we know about Skate 4.Skate 4, which has been longed for years, is finally coming. Also, the game is probably coming to the PC. Skating games are generally trendy, Skater XL, Skatebird, Session, Tanuki Sunset and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 Remakes are currently in various development stages. But the Skate series was different for gamers. For some, EA‘s realistic yet accessible approach to virtual skates can combine the next Skate game with a completely different gameplay mechanics. This can make the game unforgettable.

We don’t have all the concrete details yet, but there’s enough information about Skate 4 below. This information includes everything we know so far and some possible predictions.

When is Skate 4 Released?

Skate 4: Prepare Skateboards

There is no indication that the game will come in the near future. But that doesn’t mean it will never come. In the end, the game will be released, the producers said. We haven’t seen any game images or concept art for now. We don’t even have a title for an official statement. Of course, we meet you only with the information and predictions we have. We all know that Skate 4 could get the green light the day before EA Play was announced in 2020. We can wait a little longer after 10 years. In our opinion, it is better to do this better than to do it fast. We hope you will see a harmonious Skate game suitable for the new generation. 2021 is optimistic but possible, but 2022 seems more likely. As we said before, the preparation of the game should be late if necessary, but a good game with us at the end.

If you are longing for skateboards, we recommend you to wait for Skate 4. Will the last game of the series bring the series back? We will watch and see all together.

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