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The new trailer shows how you can survive in Outward’s combat

Deep Silver has released a new trailer for Outward. The trailer is focusing Outward combat system.

The new trailer shows how you can survive in Outward's combat

Outward Game Trailer Video

Players need to take care off themselves in Outward, if they want to survive. If you attack a monster is ten times bigger than you, you need a good plan. For example, if your attacks do not stagger enemy, you need to pierce enemy's defense until it does. You can use poison on your weapons, you can start a fire in the floor or place a trap. 

In Outward, players will start to learn spells in time. At first, you has a spell named Spark and it doesn't do anything. But after you use it on manastone to create a fire sigil, you can now use fireball. The developer wants to create a ritualistic spell system and it seems this can work. 

Outward will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on March 26, 2019. What do you think about Outward?

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