The new version of Google Assistant is ten times faster

Thanks to the compression of artificial intelligence models, the new version of Google Assistant does not require an internet connection and works much faster than previous generations.

The next version of Google Assistant, announced during the Google I/O 2019, will drastically improve the utility of the assistant in all the devices in which it will be available.

The new version of Google Assistant is ten times faster

The main improvement of this new version is the response speed of the assistant, who is now able to interpret and execute actions up to ten times faster. To achieve this improvement, Google has developed a new compression system that allows reducing the size of the AI models -from 100 GB to 500 MB- and store them in the device itself. In this way, the need to transfer information to a server is eliminated and, consequently, the process is accelerated.

The “new generation” of Google Assistant is also smarter and more capable than previous versions. AI can perform complex tasks such as sending an image to a contact; interact with a notification without touching the screen; or differentiate if the user is dictating a text or ordering action to the device.

With these improvements, users will be able to dictate an email and, once the writing of the text is finished, complete the process simply by saying ‘send it’. “This new generation assistant will allow you to instantly operate your phone with your voice, switch between different apps and even work offline,” said Scott Huffman (Google).

But Google Assistant has not only become faster and more capable; it is also more personal and human. The system will be able to identify the most important people for the user and develop a database around them. In this way, it can respond to requests such as “Remember me to buy a present before my sister’s birthday”. With the progressive use of the assistant, the system will also identify habits and preferences of the user, generating a database that will later be used to offer different personalized suggestions (events, recipes, podcasts, etc.).

The new version of Google Assistant will be available in the next Pixel phones “at the end of the year”. The company, for the time being, has not specified whether the system will also expand to other Android phones.

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