The trade war grows bigger as China boycotts Apple products

20 May 2019 Monday
The trade war grows bigger as China boycotts Apple products
Ağahan  Çelik
Ağahan Çelik Editor

Huawei crisis doesn't end

Things are getting tense between Huawei and American based companies and this time the Chinese side made a counter move. After President Donald Trump’s decision about the Chinese companies, the ‘’Huawei crisis’’ emerged as Google declared it will stop providing it's operating system to Huawei. And now the boycott messages on Apple products are increasing in China.

China boycotts Apple products 

The crisis between Huawei and America began to spread to other countries. The USA was already pressuring close countries like the UK to cut the deals for Huawei products. While the Washington-Beijing trade war focused on new restrictions on Huawei, the Apple Boycott movement in China reached a significant number. According to the news shared in BuzzFeed, the number of lynch messages to Apple and Trump in Weibo, which is basically China's Twitter, is increasing significantly. Some users said that they will change their iPhones and start using Huawei phones to support the Chinese company. Let’s see how this trade war will turn out.