15 Unknown Google Facts

In fact, it all started with the research project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, a student at Stanford University in California. Now, there is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Long story short, let’s see the 15 unknown Google facts together.

15 Unknown Google Facts

15 Unknown Google Facts

In searches with traditional search engines, the results were ranked by the logic of how many times keywords appeared on the page. So the searches could be easily manipulated. Of course, this is the biggest obstacle to quality content.

On the other hand, Google faces with the users with the PageRank system and used it until 2014. PageRank is a system that evaluates multiple parameters, such as the originality of the content, the link to the page, and the quality of the page that gives the link. 

The name of the first search engine that Page and Brin created was Backrub. On September 15, 1997, the google.com domain was activated. On September 4, 1998, the Google company was officially established. By 2015, Google and its companies gathered under the umbrella company Alphabet.

15 Unknown Google Facts

Google facts that might surprise you when you first hear about

  • In the first place, there was no Google. The first name was Backrub.
  • When Google employees in the U.S. die, 50 percent of their salaries are paid to their spouses for 10 years.
  • In 1999, Page and Brin wanted to sell Google to Excite, an online company for $ 1 million. However, Excite CEO refused this. The offer was reduced to $ 750 million, but Excite’s answer was no. Yahoo didn’t want to buy Google either. However, in 2002, he offered to buy Google for $ 3.2 billion. This time, the Google front refused this offer. Currently, the value of the Alphabet is more than $ 1 trillion.
  • In 2009, Google used goats to remove weeds in Mountain View and reduce the risk of fire. The areas to be mowed were cleaned with 200 goats. Although this is said to prevent air pollution, the excess carbon emitted by trucks carrying goats into the air caused criticism.
  • Like many companies that have become an indispensable part of our lives today, Google’s first office was a garage. Page and Brin did some of their work in Susan Wojcicki’s garage.
  • Google, which is sensitive to the issue of food for the good nutrition of its employees, pays attention to the 150-meter limit. Employees are not more than 150 meters away from any food source in the office.
  • There is a version of Google known as Google Mirror that shows everything as a mirror reflection. This, of course, also enables users in China to overcome obstacles and reach Google.
  • Google is known as a dog-friendly company. All employees can come to the company with their dog. Of course, this is a bit of a taste of the cats on campus.
  • New employees in the company are called Noogler and they travel with a propeller hat on the last day of the first working week.
  • The patent of Google’s PageRank algorithm is in Stanford’s hand. In this context, Stanford, which holds the first search patent of Google, of course, also made a significant income in this case.
  • In the first place, Google was stored on 4 GB hard drives. The company’s search engine algorithm was initially stored on 10 different hard drives of 4 GB. Now it has hundreds of thousands of servers.
  • With more than 85 TB of 2 billion lines of code, Google makes about 45 thousand code changes every day.
  • People living in Mountain View have been taking advantage of Google’s free internet since 2006. However, with the speed slowing down, this service was terminated in 2014 and new public Wi-Fi access was provided.
  • When Google first announced Gmail, everyone thought it was an April 1st joke. The company, known for April 1 jokes, did not joke this time. One of the most used mail services in the world was launched on April 1, 2004.
  • There are many bicycles on Google campus which carry the colors of Google that employees can use freely.

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