UV Disinfectants Become A Device To Protect Us

In 2020, we understood the seriousness of disinfection quite well. The virus epidemic, which frightens everyone worldwide, pushes people to serious prevention methods. Showing a carrier feature mobile phones carry germs. Also, the coronavirus directs us all to wash our hands and clean the objects around us. So it is not surprising that more UV disinfectants produced for phones hit the market. Mobile electronics company Zagg is also trending, because case brands Mophie and InvisibleShield now offer UV disinfectants. According to a Zagg statement, there is room for the Mophie UV Sanitizer, a 6.9 inch phone and other small objects such as credit card and headset. Zagg said UV-C light technology killed 99.9 percent of the “most common surface bacteria found in household appliances” within five minutes. The Mophie device is also Qi-enabled. In addition, allows you to charge your phone. This is a very innovative functionality.

What is the working principle of UV Disinfectants?

UV Disinfectants Become A Device To Protect Us

First of all, InvisibleShield’s UV Disinfectant uses UV-C ampoules to sterilize any smartphone up to 6.9 inches. UV is harmful rays that are in the Ultraviolet spectrum and are not visible to the eyes.

They say that the disinfection cycle also takes about five minutes and kills 99.9 percent of common surface bacteria. This device does not have a phone charging feature for the Mophie UV disinfectant. Both devices require the user to put a phone in it and press a button to start sterilizing. It has a very simple use. Mophie UV disinfectant is currently sold for $ 79.99 at Mophie.com and Verizon stores. The InvisibleShield device will soon be sold for $ 59.99 on the InvisibleShield website and “major retailers”.

As a result, it is not clear how effective UV disinfectants are against coronavirus. Their declarations are like that. However, Zagg says the products have been tested by a third party and find it effective against E. coli and staph. Associate Professor of Public Health College, University of Arizona. Kelly A. Reynolds previously told Engadget: “UV-C light is effective against a wide variety of microbes and offers the option to disinfect your phone without using UV disinfectants.” As a result, conversations about the product are like this. We hope for longer, healthier years that we cannot say to stop advancing technology.

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