Valorant Battle Royale Could Be In Development

A Valorant Battle Royale might be on the way. Because Riot Games added a list of code to the game that towards a ”downed” feature.

Valorant Battle Royale rumours keep on growing

Sometimes we hear that players want to see a Valorant Battle Royale game. As the battle royale genre is always on top in the last years, this is something that everyone wants. In fact, we may see Riot’s first-person shooter game having a battle royale game. There are some hints indicating an upcoming battle royale mode. However, there is no confirmation about it now.

Even though there is no confirmation, the ”downed” leaks help spread the rumours faster and faster. Many people think right now that a battle royale mod for Valorant is definitely in the works. It will be pretty nice to see such a mod from Riot Games. Because as you may know, agents have unique abilities. And using these abilities on a battle royale game could be very different.Valorant Battle Royale Could Be In Development

When we take a look at the downed feature, we can see signs of a battle royale game. In most games, an ally isn’t directly out of the game yet once his health reaches zero. Downed allies in battle royale games cannot shoot. Instead, they can only crawl while waiting to get a revive. The same mechanic is now available within Valorant’s own files. So we can assume that a Valorant Battle Royale might be on the way.

A well-known Valorant leaker @ValorLeaks found out these details on the game files. When we take a look at the files, we can see that the character has 100 HP and has a max downed time of 15 seconds.  When near a downed ally, the player can “revive” the ally from 2 meters away. It takes two seconds to revive a player. And when you revive a teammate, he can stand up with 50 HP. This is very similar to a battle royale mechanic.

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