Valorant Preview

The countdown has now begun for VALORANT, which was originally called Project A. Before the game’s closed beta, we had the opportunity to join the special beta organized for press members and publishers. In this article, we will share with you the information about Valorant, which we have experienced for a long time. 


Although Valorant is actually compared to similar types of shooter games, it is quite a different product from them. We can sum it up as a tactical shooter game in which character traits stand out. You play five to five battles in the game and one team is the defender and the other team is the attack side. The first goal of both teams is, of course, to equalize all players of the opposing team. When you do this, you become the winner of that tour directly. Another way to get points in the current mode is through the bomb. In other words, if you are on the attack side, you need to install bombs at the points determined on the map and protect that bomb. The defender side, as you can imagine, should prevent the installation of this bomb or disable it if it was installed.

Valorant Preview

What is the logic of the rounds in VALORANT?

Most of the rounds in the game are actually based on equalizing. The bombs and the points where the bombs were installed bring more map dominance and tactics. Because the ones who observe these points well are also the winners. A different use was made in the case of setting up a bomb. There are two stages of setting up and destroying bombs. For example, let’s say the opponent set up the bomb, if you notice that the opponent is approaching while destroying, you can stop the destruction and focus on the opponent. If the destruction or installation has exceeded 50%, it continues from where it left off after downloading the opponent. Let’s say the opponent came in 80% or 90s and you dropped the bomb. So when you start again, you continue from 50%.

Although the characters have their own characteristics in Valorant, the weight is given to the shooter dynamics. These features give you an advantage in critical moments or tactical progression. But I can say that your shooter knowledge and reflexes determine maybe 75% of your winning situation in the game. So, first of all, we can say that Valorant is a shooter game.

Valorant Preview

Let’s look at the character traits

When you start the game, a feature of each character comes open. You can buy other features in between laps just like in weapons and shields. For example, one of the characters I use the most is Sova’s E ability in the first place. With this ability, you can shoot an arrow that can locate the enemy and acts as a radar. These features may also have different levels. For example, you can bounce the arrow you throw from the wall. Apart from this arrow, you have to buy the Drone that you can watch the opponents or the shock arrow that stuns them for a short time. In this way, each character has one deficit and two purchasable features.

Valorant Preview

How about your ultimate power?

Of course, apart from these three talents, every character has an ultimate. The filling of your ult is composed of 7 stages. You can also fill your ulti, which is one level per round, by lowering the opponents or by playing the spheres on the playing field. For example, a shock wave that passes through Sova walls and you can use 3 times consecutively can break it. You can remove a friend who died with Sage. Omen has an ultimate teleport to any point on the map. Ultimate shots are your most important feature in the game, but as I said at the beginning, no feature has been kept in front of the reflex and map follow-up. The important thing is where and how you should use these skills. If you use it at the right moment, they give you a great advantage in these shooter parts.

In the talent part, the most important point I will criticize in the game is that the balance of these abilities is not fully achieved. First of all, the skill difference between some characters is very evident in the beta stage of the game. Another problem is that some abilities are overwhelmed under shooter dynamics. As such, you do not even need to spend money on these additional abilities of the character.

I told you how important Valorant’s map tracking is. As with most shooter games, you have to memorize maps in this game. It is very important to determine the points where the opponent can come or use your features. In addition, you need to know the walls through which bullets pass or the blind spots on the map. So I can say that Valorant is a game that you will master as you play.

Valorant Preview

What is the biggest advantage of the VALORANT?

One of the biggest advantages of the game is that it is designed to work stably even in low systems. So even if you have an old computer, you will be able to easily cross the 30 FPS limit. Good hardware will easily capture 60 and 144 FPS rates.

As a result, I can say that Valorant is a promising game. Of course, there are important shortcomings in the beta phase, but Riot Games has tried different things and has been successful in this. VALORANT is a game with features that will appeal to players who love the genre with new characters and balancing. Time will show whether or not it will succeed.

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