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House of Ashes: What Can We Expect?

House of Ashes is the latest installation in the eight-part series of Supermassive Games, The Dark Pictures Anthology. It is the third instalment, and the predecessors of this game are Until Dawn and Man of Madan. Both of those previous games in this series were big hits. The series is bound to make you happy like wink slots promo code.

It is well-established what kind of game the House of Ashes will be. A horror and survival game completed with interactive drama, which feels like watching a Hollywood movie. But as the third installation, we hope to see more than the old mix of survival and horror. So here are the things that we can expect from the House of Ashes.

House of Ashes: What Can We Expect?

What We can Expect from House of Ashes

  • New Creatures

Every game in the Dark Pictures Anthology is set to be a standalone horror story. SO it makes sense that they will be different from each other. It also brings us to the fact that we will encounter new creatures and monsters throughout the game.

We already got a short glimpse of what we will be facing in the game trailer. According to the developers, these are some of the most complex creatures ever developed. They are linked with the temple of Akkad. They will be strong, fast, and more brutal. We are sure that these new creatures will make us jump out of our seats.

  • New Celebrity Faces

Every game in this franchise contains big and medium celebrities that we have seen on the silver screen. For example, Shawn Ashmore in Man of Medan, Will Poulter in Little Hope!

The House of Ashes will feature Ashley Tisdale. She will be a playable character in the game. We can expect all her charisma and acting skills in the game.

  • Improved Graphics

We already know that the House of Ashes is designed for the console of this generation and the next. That means we will be enjoying the game in high graphics with much more detail. The players’ texture and the movement of the creatures will all feel much more alive.

The new consoles are powerful enough to handle the load. Thus, you can highly expect improved graphics from the House of Ashes.

  • Improved Gameplay

The developer, Supermassive Games, is well-known for its response to feedback and complaints. Their games have been improved based on the feedback of players.

A lot of aspects of House of Ashes’s gameplay have been improved reportedly. It is said that the player will get a flashlight for exploring dark areas. The best fix is the camera. Rather than being an awkward first-person camera, it has been improved to a 360-degree free moving camera. Players will have complete control of the camera.

The combat mode has also been improved. Overall, the whole gameplay of House of Ashes will be pleasant and smooth. So it wouldn’t be wrong to put high expectations on this aspect of the game.

  • New Locations to Explore

The House of Ashes is set on the temple of Akkad. It is an open-world type game where you can explore the area freely. Moreover, every move and choice you make in the game impacts how the ending will turn out.

House of Ashes will have more locations and more choices in the story than in the previous games. There is always more to discover with each line. You can grasp it all with the improved curator mode.

Ending Notes

So these are the things that we are expecting to get from House of Ashes. We hope that it can live up to your expectations and surpass them like its predecessors.

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