Bayonetta 3 preview

It’s time to share our first impressions of the game in our Bayonetta 3 preview, which we had the chance to play.

If you’ve been waiting for Bayonetta 3 since the day it was announced, your impatience must be increasing as the release date approaches. Having swept away the first two games, I started the third game in mixed feelings.

Bayonetta 2 was one of the best game of 2018. I was a little worried if they would just bring an update or two on top of the old game and just present it to us. From the very beginning of the game, I see that my worries were unfounded and I am quite happy about it.

Bayonetta 3 preview

While sharing the first impressions of Bayonetta 3, the things we can talk about the story are a bit limited, but we can easily talk about the innovations in the gameplay. Let’s see what the game offers us with a short time before its release in our Bayonetta 3 preview.

Bayonetta 3 preview: Halloween Time

Bayonetta 3 reveals what kind of game awaits you in the first hour and continues without losing its fluency as you progress. You may have forgotten how good Platinum Games is at action games lately, after all, there’s a fiasco called Babylon’s Fall. This game, on the other hand, wipes away all the worries in mind.

If you have played the first two Bayonetta games (and if you haven’t, start right away, it will catch up until the game comes out), you will step into an environment where you will never be a stranger.

Combo-based fluid action, the opportunity to apply stronger combinations with the Witch Time feature, the torture attack finishers on the stunned enemy remain the same. Platinum Games has kept the aspects of the combat system that we love and added more to it.

Bayonetta 3 First Look

We can have more than one weapon in the game and we can change them quickly during the fight. While hitting the opponents from wall to wall with pistols and kicks, it’s fun to switch to a huge weapon and meet the enemy bouncing off the wall and do them without hesitation.

Since the Demon Masquaerade weapons also provide us with the abilities of the demon they are attached to, their effects on the combos we will make during in-field transportation and combat are also remarkable. I can’t wait to share more detailed information after the game is released.

Hair Demons Are Now Stronger

With Bayonetta 3, a new mechanics called Demon Slave is included in the game. You may remember from previous games the demons Bayonetta summoned using her hair. Demons like Gomorrah, Madama Butterfly, and Phantasmaraneae are returning in this game as well, but with a slight change, we can control them. As long as we have magic power, they can appear on the battlefield and make powerful attacks that contribute to combos.

Bayonetta 3: We Played

It’s definitely fun to call out the names that helped us and fought against them in previous games in the series and scatter the battlefield. With Gomorrah, we can deal high damage, with Madama Butterfly we can fight fast and effectively against mass groups, and with Phantasmaraneae (this name is very hard to write), we push the enemies that are hard to reach by climbing the walls.

In this process, since Bayonetta is on the battlefield, you need to both control the demon and not leave your character defenseless.

Bayonetta 3 Preview


Being able to switch between the demons and Bayonetta very quickly during the fights. It makes the fight always enjoyable. Adding the weapon changes on top of that, it promises combat sequences that will delight players familiar with previous Bayonetta games and action series like DMC.

Platinum Games seems to have set the bar a little higher and I can’t wait to finish the game completely and share my thoughts. I can’t tell more about the story, with both the pre-review rules and the concern of not giving spoilers, but my thoughts about this game are quite positive.

Bayonetta 3 will be released on October 28 and we will be with you at the end of the embargo with a much more detailed review.

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