Far Cry: New Dawn

It is to be noted that the new Far Cry will tell the stories that will take place after the fifth game. If you haven’t played the fifth game, we suggest you pass this paragraph directly (spoilers ahead). At the (better) ending of the fifth game, we witnessed a sudden explosion of a nuclear bomb in the back of the mountains, listening to the song by Joseph Seed, the leader of the sect. Here is where Far Cry New Dawn begins. Nuclear bombs exploded in America, Russia, China, Africa, and Europe, will make the world post-apocalyptic.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry New Dawn Preview

We were surprised by the fact that Ubisoft, who we think is inspired by Fallout series, chose a post-apocalyptic theme for Far Cry New Dawn. The game begins with the explosion of nuclear bombs, a long winter season will be experienced, and then the natural life cycle will continue again. With the rebirth of the sun and the re-emergence of the forests, the game will start for us players. However, Ubisoft developers stated that most of the places we know are wasted or buried under the sands after the nuclear bombs.

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For this reason, there will be new places to explore in the new game. People who use their primitive instincts will build their settlement areas and do agriculture to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Ubisoft, who mentioned that there will be two big sides in the game, defines one of these as “Survivors”. The Survivors group, which consists of Canadian people alongside Hope County’s natives, is usually farming and is trying every way to survive.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to produce gasoline in the world of Far Cry: New Dawn, so people use ethanol to start the engines. Developers who define ethanol as the new “black gold”, states that people need Ethanol to ensure the continuity of agriculture. Of course, there is this other group besides “Survivors” in the game which is free-rider and doesn’t produce anything. The aim of this group of people, who are defined as Scavengers, is to travel to the North of America. However, during their travels, they occupy and plunder every region that they encounter and continue their travels. It is also stated by Ubisoft that, these evil Scavengers led by twin sisters and they will be the main villains of the game. Developers also stated some innocent groups will give what they produce as a tribute directly to this evil group, rather than fighting it.

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In the game, we will control a character who devotes himself to helping humanity. After the occupation of a region where skilled people like engineers, scientists and artists were living, the game states that we are the only survivor of this region. The region named Prosperity, the center of the Survivors group will be our main base. We will help people who are identified as Survivors in the battle against the evil group. In addition to our human assistants in the game, there will be assistants identified as ”monsters”. These big creatures can be our friend and they seem like taken from the Far Cry Primal game. Similar to the most of the Far Cry games, there will be side characters to accompany us during our adventure. 

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Developers talking about the weapons to be included in the game underlined that there will be primitive weapons such as bows, arrows, and slingshots alongside with technological weapons. There are some very unusual weapons in the game as well as the assault rifles we know. Talking about the wild nature in the game, Ubisoft underlines the fact that most animals evolved through radiation and lots of them are aggressive. Also, we need to collect materials in order to do crafts in the wild nature.

The game’s gameplay side is based on the Far Cry elements we know. In the game where we will see Hope County’s post-apocalyptic state, survival mechanics are said to be more challenging than previous games. Ubisoft stated that they improved the crafting system which we will have to make discoveries to collect resources. Developers also said that there will be valuable resources in the animals’ nests in the game (yes, the animals have nests in the new game). However, some of these nests belong to predatory animals so we have to be careful when we go outside to explore new things.

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On the other hand, the interface is interchangeable, the producers underlined that each player’s interface can be changed according to their playing style. Thus, in places where we need to act quickly in the game, there will be no item to distract our attention. Ubisoft has stated that the new game has a lot of treasure hunting missions and that these missions are very helpful in character development. We are going to be able to get the items to craft the stuff, which is only can be crafted, with these missions.

In addition, Ubisoft developers talked about the world of the game, they stated that our main base is going to be alive at all times. The producers said that the day-night cycle affects the lives of NPC characters, we wonder how this system will work. Far Cry series is far behind the competing games in terms of side characters and side missions but they apparently will solve this problem in the new game.

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In addition to all this, we will mostly see the traces of Far Cry 5 in the new game. As well as we can choose the character to help us, we will also be able to use these characters to figure out how to complete the missions. For example, if you want to finish a mission with stealth, you can choose a silent sniper character to go with you which makes the game more enjoyable, I think. Far Cry: New Dawn will also be similar to Far Cry 5 with actions such as seizing camps, saving hostages, and making enemy camps useless.

Ubisoft noted that they improved artificial intelligence in the new game, the enemy forces will use different strategies to defeat you in Far Cry New Dawn. In other words, you have to change the equipment you use to handle certain tasks easier. Otherwise, you will have hard times defending yourself from the enemy.

A whole new adventure will be waiting for us in Far Cry New Dawn. Combining the post-apocalyptic world theme with Far Cry mechanics has already attracted the attention of the players.

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