Just Cause 4 Preview

We can say that the Just Cause series is synonymous with freedom for players. The number one reason for this is that the series generally allows players to do anything they want in a gigantic map, and to give players the chance to create chaos as they wish with weapons and various tools. It is also known that Just Cause is the most interesting production in the open world games with a lot of action. Just Cause 2 succeeded to meet the players’ expectations and the third game was able to please the players.

Natural disasters to create full chaos

However, along with the fourth game, the Avalanche Studio will exaggerate the work and add natural disasters to the world of Just Cause and throw us into total chaos. Natural disasters and weather changes, which are frequently highlighted in all of the game’s trailers and gameplay videos, will seem to have a serious impact on gameplay and the visual design of the game. The Just Cause series’s successful game physics engine, which is already famous, seems to make the game more dynamic and effective thanks to these added events.

just cause 4 1 1

Our equipment like Grappling Hook, Parachute and Wingsuit, which are familiar to us from the other games of the series, are also at our disposal in the new game. But this time we will also have the opportunity to customize the grappling hook that we use frequently in the game. I can’t imagine what creative ideas will come out of the players with the customized hook that we often encounter in past games.

One of the most entertaining events in Just Cause 4 was undoubtedly that we could move freely on the cars. This feature is preserved in the new game. Players can hook to any vehicle and move as they wish just like in the previous games.

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Another innovation is that there is a secondary firing system to the weapons in the game. With this feature, players can use their weapons in different ways. For example, a weapon can be used as slow but powerful in long range, fast but weak at close range.

There are also some improvements in the artificial intelligence side of the fourth game of the series. Artificial intelligence, which was quite mediocre in the previous productions, was improved seriously with Just Cause 4. With artificial intelligence improved, the producers say Rico will be thrown into an even more dangerous adventure than before. We will probably see that in Just Cause 4, artificial intelligence often set up traps for us.

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The chaos score we had in previous games will also come back. In Just Cause 4 we can quickly create chaos as much as possible so that we can build friendships. And throughout the game, our friends can help us for our sake.

Spectacular views waiting for us in Just Cause 4

On the graphics side, the new game engine developed with Just Cause 4 seems to be able to present the graphics that we rarely encounter in open world games. Particularly the details of lighting succeed in completing the visual integrity of the game. Just Cause 4 seems to meet our expectations in a visual sense.

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Long story short, Just Cause 4 seems to offer us the classic fun gameplay of the series with innovations, even though it will not offer us a revolutionary innovation. With the physics engine and mechanics improved, Just Cause 4 seems to be one of the games we will frequently encounter on social media.

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