Valorant Update 2.0: A New Agent Called Yoru

Riot Games has revealed some details about the new Valorant update 2.0, which will also contain a new character called Yoru. Riot Games shared some details of changes in the game and also gave some information about the new character Yoru. The new agent is a Japanese Duelist. The new character has the ability to teleport, and preparing to take a spy role with the ability to be invisible. The Spy duelist will be able to teleport in short range areas and blinding his opponents with a flash. Yoru can become invisible with his ultimate skill and can even imitate footsteps to dodge his enemies.

Valorant Update 2.0: A New Agent Called Yoru


  • Dimensional Drift (X): This is similar to the ultimate and it will allow the agent to slip between the worlds and drift around the game map while being affected or detected by his opponents.
  • Gatecrash: This is an innate ability of the agent, and is also among the best tools to allow you to release a rift tether before teleporting to its location. While a gatecrash can last for almost 20 seconds, it can also be shot down by the opponents.
  • Fakeout: Fakeout is the first ability of this agent, which mimics agent footsteps. Yoru can go around and create these fakeouts, where the enemies will hear a different sound as opposed to his teammates. It will essentially allow the agent to mislead his opponents.
  • Blindside: This is the agent’s flash. In order to use the blindside ability, one will need to bounce it off a hard surface to make it pop.

Buffs And Nerfs

As there is not much details about the new update, we only know that agent Omen got a nerf and Brimstone has some buffs.

Omen Nerf

  • Dark Cover: Smoke speed reduced by 30% from 4000>2800
  • Paranoia: Price increased from $200 to $400.


  • Incendiary: Price reduced from $300 to $200.
  • Sky Smoke: Smoke cast range has been increased from 4200 to 5000. Smoke duration has been increased from 14.25s to 19.25s.
  • Stim Beacon: Equip time removed, which will now result in a quick cast.

This is all we have about the new Valorant update 2.0. The update will be out on January 12.

Valorant is getting lots of updates, new agents and patches for preventing cheats. If it goes like this, we can say that it could soon beat Riot’s other popular game League of Legends. Stay tuned, enjoy.

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