What does 'S' mean for iPhones?

What does 'S' mean for iPhones?

Although Apple introduces at least one new smartphone model every year, most of the design and technical innovations in these phones are coming out every two years. Model names have S suffix with these innovations. Everyone who uses these phones know this. S model often comes with performance improvements. Have you ever wondered what this S means?

What does S mean on iPhones?

According to Phil Schiller, vice president of global marketing at Apple, S suffix doesn't make much sense. The Ss in other models, except iPhone 3GS and 4S, were meaningless. The S on the 3GS comes from the word speed in English to emphasize that the device is faster. S in 4S means Siri. In other iPhone models, it was told that S didn't make any sense. Because of the marketing strategies, S models were thought to be faster and therefore they were put in terms of sales tactics. Just like S and Rs models of cars.

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