When will new Alien game be announced?

7 Jan 2019 Monday
When will new Alien game be announced?
Korhan ONUK
Korhan ONUK Editor

Alien: Blackout can be announced this month.

First person survival horror game Alien: Isolation released in 2014. Gamers is still expecting a sequel for the game. Recent weeks, 20th Century FOX got trademark for Alien: Blackout. And today Alien Anthology gives another hint.

Alien: Blackout can be released in 2019

Alien Anthology Twitter account has published a new video about Alien. In the tweet, "40 years ago, the Nostromo disappeared... In 2019, Amanda Ripley will uncover the secrets it left behind - no matter what." they stated. Nostromo was name of a starfreighter in Alien series and it got destroyed to kill Xenomorph by Ellen Ripley

Also in the tweet Alien Anthology used three hashtags and one of them is January. This can be a hint of potential announcement of new Alien game. 

According to a rumor, Alien: Blackout would be announced in The Game Awards 2018 on December 5, 2018. But it seems it can be announced this month. What do you think about new Alien game? Will it be Alien: Blackout