Who wants a free Jurassic Park game?

3 Jan 2019 Thursday
Who wants a free Jurassic Park game?
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

Jurassic Explorer is free to download

One of the most iconic movie series, Jurassic Park always has a special place in our hearts. So if you liked the movie series, you probably going to love this news too. Today, Dimensional Digital has released a totally free fan game for Jurassic World. The game is called Jurassic Explorer and lets players to explorer 3D Recreation of the park from the iconic movie. 

Free Jurassic Park Game: Jurassic Explorer

While exploring, you can also earn some coins and purchase decorations, customization and personalizations for the park. Jurassic Explorer also features the most known places from the movie such as Innovation Center, Mosasaurus Arena, Mainstreet, Tyrannosaurus Rex Kingdom, Monorail Journey, Gyrosphere Valley, Original Park Ruins and Observatory. If you want to try the game your self, you can download it through this link. Also, you can watch the gameplay video from below: