Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Players Invulnerable To Explosives

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, which debuted on November 13, hosts multiplayer mode as well as the single-player story mode. In this game mode, where players fight against each other, some abilities offered to players, as in every Call of Duty game.

Players can choose one of the features offered to them according to the gameplay style they want to implement. However, you have to reach a certain level to access all of the features. As players improved since the game’s release and started to acquire new features, a new bug appeared in the game.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Exploit Makes Players Invulnerable To Explosives

This new bug discovered in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. The bug due to a feature called Flak Jacket in the game. This feature allowed players to take more pleasurable damage from explosives and flames under normal conditions. But as a result of the error, the feature ensured that players received virtually no damage. Such as rockets, grenades, and other explosives.

The players equipped with the feature could kill by only a few of the grenades that exploded at their bottom. In addition, even the players who were shot with rockets did not die right away, they only died with a few rockets. This error has also fueled discussions about some imbalances in the Cold War.

Some of the players stated that the ability named Flak Jacket should weaken and that players should die directly from the explosions. On the other hand, other players were saying that weakening the Flak Jacket ability would cause the bombs to become too strong in the game and spoil the game. Treyarch Community Manager FoxhoundFPS shared a comment about the latest bug. FoxhoundFPS stated in its post that the developers are currently investigating the error. In this statement, no hint gave as to when the error will fix. Stay Tuned.

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