Witchfire is being planned to release in 2020, The Astonauts says

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter‘s developer The Astronauts, announced their game Witchfire in The Game Awards 17. After that, we didn’t hear any information about game for whole year. But now the developer are publishing new development uptades and we have new informations about the game.

Witchfire is being planned to release in 2020

The Astronauts is publishing weekly update of their upcoming game Witchfire. After a year break, now we have new informations.

The game is being developed every day. They are planning to release game in 2020. And from now on, they will publish new details with development updates. 

Witchfire is a creating a fantasy world. Inspired by the 15th century, this world has witches and witches are real. And you are hand of the Church. You need to find and kill every witch, but don’t forget the things are not black and white completely in this world. 

Witchfire is looking really good. Alternate history, witches and giant monsters are interesting. What do you think about the game? 

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