World of Warcraft DDoS attacker detained

World of Warcraft Classic, released last month, was flooded by gamers. The production, which is still played by a large number of players, is full of players who are curious about the Vanilla version of WoW. However, aside from the players’ interest, the malicious people who showed interest in WoW Classic attacked the game’s servers with DDoS. Gamers are unhappy because of thie situation. The attacker shared mocked messages on Twitter and Reddit for the WoW Classic players. It is unclear what punishment the internet hacker will take. But, he made for the same attack Overwatch. However, the Blizzard team examines these issues in detail.

World of Warcraft DDoS attacker detained

A similar attack took place in recent years on the online services of Xbox and PlayStation. Responsible for these actions by the hackers were identified and brought before the judiciary in a short time. Particularly in North America, the state has no tolerance against internet hackers. The hackers, likely to be fined, could go to jail if he resumed similar attacks.

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