Darksiders 3’s text file contains details of upcoming DLCs

 The newest game of Gunfire Games, Darksiders 3 will have two DLCs. We found out some details of upcoming DLCs from Darksiders 3 text files. 

Darksiders 3’s text file contains details of DLCs 

Darksiders 3 has released last month. Some players liked it, some players didn’t. In my opinion, it was a decent game with some problems. But the game is still not completed because Gunfire Games will publish 2 DLCs for game. One of them will be The Crucible and the other one will be Keepers of the Void

A Turkish localization team found out some details of Darksiders 3’s DLCs. When they got from the text file from game, they found lines of DLCs’ dialogues. Now we will share these details with you. These details can be spoiler, so if you don’t want to ruin your experience, stay away. 

The first DLC of Darksiders 3 will be The Crucible. The Crucible was an arena in Darksiders 2, we were fighting lots of creatures and trying to reach to top. In Darksiders 3, The Crucible will be same. The Crucible is running by a character named Targon. Yes, he is Kargon’s brother. (Kargon was the master of The Crucible in Darksiders 2.)

The name of the final boss is Lord Killington in The Crucible. Probably it is the same old Wicked K character in Darksiders 2.  When you defeat the final boss, you will get a reward. According to text file, that reward called Panoply of Champions. Perhaps is it an armor like Abyssal Armor? 

The second DLC of Darksiders 3 will be Keepers of the Void. In this DLC, we know that we will go through the Serpent Holes and clear them. The quest will start from Vulgrim, after we got Flame Hollow. According to text file, we will need all Hollows to clear Serpent Holes. 

In the Serpent Holes, we will face with stone marauders. These stone marauders are calling themselves as gatekeepers of the Serpent Holes. When we clear the Serpent Holes, we will get hidden treasures of serpentine network. And lastly, In this DLC we will face an ancient enemy, but text file didn’t refer his/her name. But she/he is very confident like any other boss in franchise.

In text files refer some other things too, but they are not important to share. We will learn all details when Gunfire Games publishes DLCs for Darksiders 3. But these are all we learnt for now. What do you think? 

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