Xbox Series System Update Improves Quick Resume Feature

Xbox Insiders received a brand new system update for the Xbox Series consoles. This update greatly improves the functionality of Quick Resume.

Xbox Series system update is available for insiders

Quick Resume is a feature of Xbox Series that allows the user to suspend and resume multiple games at the same time. If you use the Quick Resume feature, you can suspend your games without any loss of data. And with just a single button, you can resume your suspended game instantly. But everything has its flaws. When the feature first came out, it had some bugs. But with every system update for the Xbox Series consoles, the features and benefits of the console gets better and better.

The latest addition to the Quick Resume is the ability to access the list of games that support Quick Resume, as well as the games that are currently in Quick Resume state, directly from the Home menu or the Dashboard. With this one, we can see all of our games in the home tab. And we can also access all of our Quick Resume games from here. Which is a pretty good improvement for the feature. There is also an image for this feature taken from Reddit. You can check out the image from it below:Xbox Series System Update Improves Quick Resume Feature

This feature is not only available home menu. You can access the Quick Resume option also from the Game Library. If you have games in the Quick Resume menu, they will come out on your game library. But currently, this Xbox Series system update for consoles is only available for the Insider participants. However, once the testing phase is complete for this update, we may see it for every console owner. Quick Resume is a great feature. It is available both for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


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