XPG Infrarex M10 and R10 Mouse Review

With a fast introduction to the player equipment market, Adata’s XPG brand put Infrarex R10 Mousepad and Infrarex M10 Mouse as a set on the market. The mouses and mousepads, which directly affect the player’s performance, produced by hundreds of different brands in the market. But choosing the right one is quite difficult. Today we’re reviewing XPG’s next generation of gaming mouse and mousepad.

Infrarex M10 Review

Let’s start with the XPG Infrarex M10 mouse. Looks like the average size of the Infrarex M10 mouse is designed for the gamers who hold the whole mouse. Infrarex M10, which has a very good grip and doesn’t make your hands sweat thanks to matte coating. The mouse is also very successful with the right-left click feeling. The rigidity of the mouse wheel also well designed, and I can say that it doesn’t tire your finger during daily use. Two extra keys, which you can set DPI, placed on the back of the wheel of the mouse. I did not like the feeling of the mouse’s keys on the left side. In order to actually press the keys, you need to press a significant amount inwards. That can disturb you in continuous use.

XPG Infrarex M10 and R10 Review

The cable of the mouse has a very high quality, this braided and strong cable looks like it’s going to survive for a very long time. The XPG logo and the bottom surface of the mouse have RGB lighting. But, unfortunately, there is no software to adjust the illumination. Mouse’s DPI settings can change between 800, 1600, 2400, and 3200. Infrarex M10, which is generally successful, but is the target of criticism due to the inability to change the LED lighting and the insensitivity in the back and forth keys.

Infrarex R10 review

The Infrarex R10 mouse pad, that comes in the same package with the Infrarex M10, is a better product, I think. First of all, the pad’s surface is hard. So you do not have a chance to fold the mouse pad and take it to a place, but hard material has its advantages. For example, when the mouse pad is dirty, you can easily wipe it off with a cloth, and your mouse can move more quickly and easily on hard surfaces, which is very important for speed-oriented games.

XPG Infrarex M10 and R10 Review

The size of the Infrarex R10 is about 350 mm x 250 mm, the mouse pad is big enough for your mouse and does not disturb the user with its 3 mm thickness. The red USB port on the top also gives a stylish look. With the RGB illumination, the edges of the Infrarex R10 can be illuminated in different colors and offer a pleasant experience in dark environments. Of course, you need to plug the mouse pad to your computer via USB in order to turn on the RGB lighting. You can switch between different lighting options when you tap the part with a similar symbol to the fingerprint reader.

To sum up, the Infrarex R10 and M10 stand out with lighting performance compared to the sets sold together. Personally, I was able to look at this set as a mouse pad comes with a mouse. Because the Infrarex R10 RGB Mousepad was able to give a much better quality feel than the Infrarex M10. If you are looking for a set that will impress you visually, you can choose XPG Infrarex R10 Mousepad and XPG Infrarex M10 mouse.

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