You can preregister to free mobile game Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

The release date of the Assassin's Creed Rebellion for iOS and Android has been announced. Assassin's Creed Rebellion will be released for iOS and Android device on November 21st. Pre-registration is open for the free mobile game Assassin's Creed Rebellion. By pre-registration, when the application is released, you will be able to download the game with a notification you get. Click here  to pre-register for Assassin's Creed Rebellion on Android devices.

Free Android and iOS game Assassin's Creed Rebellion release date is certain

Assassin's Creed Rebellion Game Trailer Video

A mobile game where we will meet characters like Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, and a much more different Assassins for the first time, Assassin's Creed Rebellion is a strategy-role playing game that sets in Assassin's Creed universe, developed specifically for mobile devices. In the game, you can create your own brotherhood, create a team with more than 40 characters. As your brotherhood grows, you are able to increase your strength and develop your Assassin skills. The game will also include time-limited events. We will also have the opportunity to unlock new Assassins by winning additional prizes. To play Assassin's Creed Rebellion, your device needs 33M free space and your device must support Android version 4.3 and higher.

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