400 Players battle royale game Mavericks: The Forge delayed

There is no doubt about battle royale become one of the most famous video game genre of 2018. With success of PUBG, we keep seeing more and more AAA studios entering the battle royale wagon. Even DICE and Activision making battle royale mod for their famous series like Battlefield and Call of Duty. But Automaton Games approach to battle royale mod little too ambitious. A few months ago, they announced Mavericks: Proving Grounds which let 400 players kill each other on a massive map. But today, they also announced the game will be delayed until November 29th.

Mavericks: The Forge release date

Here is the official delay announcement from Automaton Games:

“We designed Mavericks to be groundbreaking by nature, and we’ve come to the realisation over the past few weeks that we needed more advanced tools to handle the level of analytics we are going to be dealing with, and that traditional solutions currently do not meet our requirements. We’re taking steps to fix that, meaning we will have a more powerful and granular toolset at our disposal which we will integrate with The Forge’s launch. However, this has also required us to make additional adjustments to gameplay that ensure both a smoother online experience for players and allow us to collect the important data we need.”

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