A new hack has appeared in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has headed down in a terrible direction since day 1, and things appear to be the same full year after the initial launch. There were game-breaking bugs, server issues, and more but none of them kept players away from logging into public servers. Over the course of the last week, a new hack has appeared in Fallout 76. The hack allows hackers to steal items from players’ inventory as soon as they log in to public servers.

While the hackers might steal your items, they can’t take your caps, item/stash box, and scrip. According to a player’s small statement, the hack used in the process appears to be a “remote” one. This means the hacker must be in your rendering distance to have control over your items. Bethesda hasn’t given a clear ETA on when the hack can be fixed, and the chances are kind of fifty/fifty right now for a player to run into a hacker. So the safest way to play right now might be the private servers.

Murat Oktay

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