Alien Resurrection is Available Online With Multiple Versions

Alien Resurrection was never available PC platform. But the PC players can already play it thanks to emulators. Recently, they can play the older versions too.

Alien Resurrection older versions leaked online

What is interesting about Alien Resurrection is that the game was supposed to be a top-down perspective game. However, the developers did change that and decided to make the game a third-person shooter. But that didn’t work either. After a long development phase, the game came out as a first-person shooter. As you can understand, the development of the game is an endless story.

This is eventually not the only instance of seemingly changing development phase. We saw some other games in the past just like this. Let me give you an example; Resident Evil did have different camera angles back in the classic PlayStation era. However, during time this changed to third person, and after first person. The recent two main games of the Resident Evil series, both are first-person games for instance. Halo is also another example. It is actually same as Alien Resurrection.Alien Resurrection is Available Online With Multiple Versions

With the developer’s leak of the older versions of Alien Resurrection, you will be able to play the game with different perspectives. And you don’t need to do anything hard in order to play them. All you need is to have a decent PC and a emulator that can run the PlayStation One games. You can play the older versions via ePSXe emulator. We also recommend you to plug a controller to your PC as it will let you play emulator games easier.

You can download the leaked versions of the game by clicking here. Also, you can download the ePSXe emulator by clicking here. Lastly, here is a trailer of the game. The trailer is eventually pretty rare as it is almost nowhere to be found.



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