Amnesia Rebirth Release Date Announced

The release date has been announced for the adventure game Amnesia Rebirth, which is developed and will publish by Frictional Games. The game will be released on October 20, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Also, the team, which also released the debut trailer, opened the game to pre-order in Steam and Epic Games stores. From the creators of the iconic Amnesia series the Frictional Games, we will delve into the depths of darkness and discover the limits of human beings to endure negativity in this painful journey full of despair and loneliness.

Amnesia Rebirth Release Date AnnouncedAmnesia Rebirth Release Date is on October 20

The release date has been announced for the adventure game Amnesia Rebirth. And, Amnesia Rebirth invites players on a heartbreaking journey that explores the limits of human endurance, dominated by desolation and despair. On this journey, we will direct a character named Tasi Trianon who wakes up in the middle of the Algerian desert. Days passed. We don’t know where we are, what we are doing and where the others are. On this journey we will go back and try to collect pieces of our past. The only way to survive this is to overcome our fears that are devouring us. But time is running against us.

In the game, we will put ourselves in Tasi’s shoes and guide him through his personal journey full of fear and pain. Moreover, we will fight hope, fear, and heartbreaking regret as we try to navigate this desolate place. We have to take this journey step by step, knowing that if we fail, we will lose everything.

Main features of the game

  • Horror experience in first-person narrative style
  • Explore the environments and reveal the characters’ backgrounds.
  • Overcome the puzzles that come your way.
  • Carefully manage your limited resources, both physically and mentally.
  • Face terrifying creatures and use your wits to escape from them.

Finally, you can take a look at the game’s released trailer below. You can also take a look at the newly announced system requirements here.

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