The Next Chapter and future of Bungie and Destiny 2 began

Independent game development studio Bungie takes the first step toward the next era of Destiny 2, Bungie’s critically acclaimed sci-fi action MMO, with a vision of Destiny becoming a single, evolving world for friends to play together anytime, anywhere.

The Next Chapter and future of Bungie and Destiny 2 began

“During 2019, we’ve developed and shared a clarity of vision we’ve never had before in Destiny. We’re finally going to make the Destiny 2 we’ve always wanted to make—one world that you and your friends are going to meaningfully change and make memories in,” wrote Luke Smith, Game Director, Destiny, in a note to the Bungie player community. “October 1st is the first step toward what we want Destiny 2 to become. This isn’t just the next chapter of Destiny 2, but the next chapter of us. We’re just getting started.”

Here’s what’s immediately available for Guardians globally right now: 

Destiny 2: New Light (Play for Free)

Destiny 2 is now free for everyone, offering a brand-new entry point for newcomers that puts the world of Destiny 2—and all its foundational modes, activities, and rewards—into the hands of every player, with no barrier to entry. In addition, players can free roam to all destinations, including the Moon—they can even participate in the first campaign mission of the Shadowkeep expansion. Now anyone can play Destiny 2 on all major platforms!

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Shadowkeep is the next chapter in the Destiny 2 franchise, reuniting you with an old ally from the original Destiny, Eris Morn, to confront new Nightmares. Guardians will return to our Moon—twisted, reshaped, and haunted by the trials of our past—to confront new threats and uncover new additions to their customized arsenal. This is not the same Moon Guardians woke up to—new areas will be uncovered and once-familiar places have irrevocably changed. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the first expansion-level, stand-alone content we’re delivering for Destiny 2—à la carte and requiring no ownership of previous content.

Season of the Undying (included with Shadowkeep)

Season of the Undying, the next Season of content for everyone, unveils a prophetic awakening of the Vex, time-traveling war machines, as they start their own mysterious war with Guardians on the Moon whil Guardians race to find and eliminate the Nightmares. As part of the single, evolving world vision, content will more deeply tie together narratively from Season to Season as the world of Destiny meaningfully changes alongside players.

Destiny 2 on Steam

The new home for our Destiny PC community is Steam. Players will be able to bring all their progress and purchases with them to Steam, including their Guardians and vaults—at no cost. Full details on how to start this migration are on

Destiny 2 Cross Save

In this next era of Destiny 2, we’re committed to unifying our global Destiny 2 community. Cross Save will be available on all supported platforms—PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia later on this fall. With Cross Save, you’ll be able to access the same characters tied to one primary account, enabling you to have a unified experience with the same Guardians on different platforms.

Google Stadia

Later this fall, Destiny 2 debuts on Google Stadia, inviting new Guardians to join its ranks. Stadia is a new gaming platform from Google for playing AAA video games across all kinds of screens.

One Destiny 2, one community. Thanks for being on this journey with us. See you starside. Destiny 2 and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and later this fall, on Stadia.

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