Aruni is the New Operator of Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a new season called Operation Neon Dawn. And with this new season, players will be able to control the new operator: Aruni.

Aruni has a gadget called Surya Gate

The Surya Gate has the ability to set up laser gates on walls, windows, doors and hatches. Of course, you can enter from the place where the Surya Gate is but, you should know that it will drain 40HP from you. So I advise you to find yourself another path. You also cannot send your drones and gadgets from the gate. Aruni has a P10 RONI or a MK 14 EBR as a primary weapon, and a PRB 92 as her secondary. She is also the first defender that will use a DMR weapon.

The Skyscraper map is also the map that will get a rework with this new season. There are fewer balconies now. Also, the existing balconies are now in a different location. There’s also rebalancing and repositioning of other major map elements, including the ability to climb up and get the higher ground.

There are also some balance changes. Echo’s drones will no longer be invisible. And Jäger’s ADS will have a ten-second cooldown. Spawnpeeking has also got a nerf. Hibana can adjust how many pellets to throw with the upcoming patch. So we will definitely see her much more in the Esports. Also, Aruni will have a great impact on the game. As she is kind of a combination of Castle, Jäger and Kapkan.

Aruni is the New Operator of Rainbow Six: SiegeThe test server for Operation New Dawn will be available as of today. So you will be able to test out the upcoming operator Aruni and have some fun on the Reworked Skyscraper map. We will see how the nerfs and changes will affect the game in the future. Let’s not forget that Tachanka will also get a rework.


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