Atlus has announced Persona 5 R, the details will reveal on March 2019

Last week, The developer of Persona series, Atlus has registered and updated some domains for Persona 5. One of them was P5R.Jp and and this could be a hint of an enhance version of Persona 5. Today Atlus has published a video and it seems that idea was true.

Atlus has announced Persona 5 R

Persona 5 Game Trailer Video

Atlus has released a trailer and has announced Persona 5 R. In the trailer, we can see on the screen “New Projects” writing.   

The trailer is not giving more information about what the game will be. But trailer contains the PlayStation logo, that is showing the Persona 5 R will be available on PlayStation 4. This is important because a lot of fun was thinking about a Persona 5 Nintendo Switch version.

Atlus will reveal more details about Persona 5 R on March 2019. Until that time, we won't have any other information. What do you think? What is Persona 5 R? Write in comments!

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