GTA Online The Music Locker Update: The Underground Club

Rockstar Games announced the new update for GTA Online called The Music Locker. This update will be released on December 15, 2020. Rockstar Games continues to release updates for GTA Online. Rockstar, which introduced the new area to add to the game in the past weeks, has now appeared for music servers. The Music Locker announced by Rockstar Games for GTA Online.

The Music Locker, which will open under Diamond Casino, referred to as Underground Club. There is currently work around the Diamond Casino. It is possible to see this visually in the game. With this announcement, it was officially revealed what this construction area is. The Music Locker will open with a big opening. Los Santos’s biggest nightclub is preparing to open.

GTA Online The Music Locker Update: The Underground Club

The Music Locker Update For GTA Online Will Release On December 15

The Music Locker, which will be located under The Diamond Casino & Resort in every sense, will be released with world-famous DJs. All players expected underground, with spectacular lights and the latest sound system. Detroit’s legend Moodyman will take part in the opening of the nightclub. In the following weeks, Keinemusik and then Palms Trax come underground. The Music Locker nightclub will add to the game on December 15, 2020.

You can reach the official introduction page of The Music Locker by clicking here. You can reach the official announcement of Rockstar Games on Twitter by clicking here. Rockstar Games said the club will be open to all players. However, will be a VIP area for penthouse owners at Diamond Penthouse and Casino.

With The Music Locker update, The Cayo Perico Heist update will be released on December 15, 2020. This update is full of exotic content and brings a new island to the game. You are asked to enter an area with intensive security measures and take as much money as you can and escape. You might say, “We’re doing heist again.” But the new content is satisfying in difficulty and comes with sufficient differences. The update, which will add new weapons and new songs, also brings a beautiful submarine.

Here is an official website overview:


Maybe you’ve noticed the scaffolding and construction going on at The Diamond, or if you listen closely, you might just hear the muffled thud of a relentless kick drum. At long last, the greatest club that Los Santos has ever seen will be open to the public.

The Music Locker is underground in every possible way. It’s located directly underneath The Diamond Casino & Resort, for starters. It’s also preparing to be home to a new wave of world class DJs. If you’re ready to grab some drinks, find a partner and dance the night away, The Music Locker is the place to go, with stunning visuals and an impeccable sound system ready to deliver basslines directly to your midsection.


Opening the club on week one is Detroit legend Moodymann, spinning motor city soul, techno and disco ably supported by his backup dancers. Later in the season, Berlin collective Keinemusik will take clubbers on a journey from the sounds of open air beach parties to the darkest nights in Europe, while Palms Trax is preparing to bring old-school house, exotic strains of disco and the latest from the UK underground to his Music Locker Residency later this month.

The Music Locker will be open to anyone and everyone, but owners of a Penthouse in The Diamond will have exclusive access to table service in the club’s VIP section. Be prepared to share a table with the Los Santos elite and spill drinks on some very expensive shoes. If you’re looking to take a break from Los Santos and break into something more tropical, The Music Locker should be the first stop on your next visit to the city.

Stay tuned for tons more music news from Los Santos in the coming days, including new radio stations, more new DJs and extra music for existing stations in the city’s biggest musical update since launch!

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